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Marketing Foundation

You wouldn't start building a house without first pouring the foundation, would you? Yeah, neither would we -- which is why all of our "Local Marketing Blueprints" begin with the foundational marketing elements to include:

  • Simple Website Design
  • Local Landing Pages with Your Core Business Offers
  • Webchat Widget to Engage with Leads
  • Centralized Inbox + CRM to Capture & Manage Inbound Leads
  • Reviews + Reputation Management
  • Google My Business Profile Optimization + Management
  • Local Search Engine Optimization

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Get Your FREE Local Marketing Report

Targeted Promotion 

Now that we have your foundation established, it's time to invite people over to check it out! What good is a beautiful home if you never invite anyone over? Our targeted promotion strategies focus on inviting your ideal customers to come visit and engage with your brand through:

  • Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Targeted Advertising in Local Niche Publications
  • Social Media Promotion (Organic + Paid Ads)
  • Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click)
  • Digital Billboard Ads (Mobile + Display)
  • Acquisition Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Ads on Major Streaming Platforms + Social

Get Started Today: Request Your FREE Local Marketing Report

Get Your FREE Local Marketing Report

Our Signature "Done-For-You" Service


The Profitable Promotion

 Growth Partnership 🏆

The Profitable Promotion Growth Partnership is our premier service, reserved for business owners who don't just want a marketing agency "vendor" -- they want a growth partner to come alongside them as an extension of their brand with the sole focus of increasing sales through a proven marketing blueprint.

Since this is a "white-glove" all-inclusive partnership, we only work with a small number of businesses. We are very selective and only work with businesses who meet our specific criteria. 

To find out more and see if you qualify, please fill out the inquiry form here.

Profitable Promotion Growth Partnership Inquiry Form:

Our Proven Process

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Step 3: Get More Customers $$

We give you a customized "Local Marketing Blueprint" with the exact strategy to dominate your industry in your local market. When you implement your custom-built "Local Marketing Blueprint" you'll start printing $$ and watch your revenue soar.

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Why Our Clients Love ❤️ Us

"I recommend working with Mike Skiff - not only does your advertisement reach a targeted audience but you have the opportunity to meet the community via events hosted by Mike.  We have more than paid for our advertising and added some great referral companies as well."

-Linda J. - Kitchen Tune-Up

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